Design Consultation

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At Villa Park Landscape, we do everything with excellence, sustainability, and aesthetics in mind. Never is this more evident than with our landscape design and maintenance programs. Whether starting from scratch or improving upon an existing landscape design, we provide top-quality solutions that not only beautify your surroundings, but are sustainable as well.

Our in-house landscape designer works closely with you and a team of Villa Park design specialists to create the look you want in a way that is attractive, eco-friendly, and uniquely flattering to your property. This ensures beautiful landscapes based on environmentally sound designs – meaning gorgeous sustainable plant combinations that not only look good, but are easy to maintain, thrive continuously, and keep you well within your budget.

We’re known for creating attractive plant designs that enhance the unique characteristics of your property and flourish in your environment. As committed experts in our field, we’re on top of the latest in “smart” irrigation and ways of integrating it with your design. No matter what the type, variety, or arrangement, all your plants get a healthy start and keep on thriving. Let us come up with a palette of plant types, textures, and colors that will excite you and exceed all of your expectations.




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Top-quality maintenance is not just about your landscape looking beautiful – it’s about protecting your investment. At Villa Park Landscape, we believe providing the very best in landscape care means taking an active approach, not a reactive one. Meaning we regularly monitor your landscape, and our supervisors stay in constant communication so that we always know what’s going on with your property, and can act quickly to resolve any issue.

Maximizing the beauty of your community or commercial project is our top priority. Villa Park maintenance services include turf and ornamental maintenance, tree care, integrated weed and pest management, and seasonal color design with only professional quality installation. We also track water usage to make sure you’re within the district guidelines to avoid waste and potential penalties.

Villa Park Landscape is dedicated to keeping your lawns, trees, and plant beds healthy and well-manicured. Leave it to us to protect your landscape investment and maximize your property’s curb appeal. With Villa Park Landscape, we make having a beautiful, eco-friendly, and affordable landscaping easy. Plus, our field locations minimize drive time and enable staff to be close at hand on service days and for 24/7 emergency calls.



Tree Care

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Trees have both an aesthetic and a financial impact on your community. They create ambiance, by adding beauty and tranquility, but they can also be a considerable expense to maintain. At Villa Park Landscape, our certified arborist works closely with our tree care specialists and client representatives to ensure the well-being of your trees and your bottom line.

Top-quality arbor care means knowing exactly what each tree species needs to enhance your environment and live a long, healthy life. We work closely with clients to design tree management plans to meet desired results while respecting arboricultural standards. Our expertise ensures proper irrigation, detection and treatment of disease, and ideal tree pruning and trimming recommendations. These measures help your trees grow strong and enhance the look of your overall landscape. Our methods preserve canopies, safeguard cellular structure, and minimize trimming and leaf litter in the long run. And, in the event of a weather-related or other emergency, our team is always at the ready to minimize any associated damage and clean-up.

Most importantly, we’re flexible when it comes to any work we do on your property. We take direction from you and communicate the process clearly. With Villa Park, your trees, your community, and your budget are always in good hands. We make tree care easy, so you can relax and enjoy the view.


Water Management

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At Villa Park Landscape, we offer a full spectrum of landscape services through highly-trained professionals – most of whom have been with us for well over a decade. Our skilled irrigation technicians know how crucial proper watering is to the health of your plants and your bottom line. More importantly, they know how to maximize both.

Our water management team is experienced in state-of-the-art irrigation satellite systems and other methods that optimize your water usage, help preserve the environment, and meet the unique needs of your property. This means we keep your landscape looking beautiful year round, without exceeding your water allocation or monthly budget.

The key to our superior water management is training, experience, and a commitment to serving you. At Villa Park Landscape, water management is conducted only by technicians who are expert at what they do and who thoroughly and regularly monitor your irrigation system. We work closely with clients and California water districts to resolve water-related problems before they arise. This ensures early detection of a system compromise or the need to reprogram or adjust watering cycles.

At Villa Park, our knowledge, experience, and commitment to excellence make it easy to optimize water usage everyday, to protect your landscape investment and keep plants healthy and beautiful.