Brittany Harmon, CCAM

Senior Community Management Consultant
Crummack Huseby Property Management

I have worked with Villa Park Landscape for many years on several different associations. It has always been a pleasure to work with them. All of their supervisors and team members are very responsive and knowledgeable and are quick to correct any issues. They make my job easier by being proactive and bending over backwards to ensure the communities always look their best.


John Konwiser

The Konwiser Corporation
The Daisy Apartments

I believe I am Villa Park’s oldest customer, having employed them the entire time of their existence. All I can say is I made a wonderful decision to have them maintain my landscape and have never looked back. Over the years, that has included about 24 apartment communities and about 10 condominium communities. Especially in Costa Mesa, having Villa Park on site each week has been very important to our residents and perspective residents. Their foremen, workers and office staff hardly ever need any direction or supervision as they just do the job efficiently and expertly and move on. When I request extra work or planting, it is completed quickly and efficiently. In summary, I couldn’t think of a more qualified, experienced, and customer-oriented landscape maintenance contractor in the business than Villa Park Landscape.


Sabrina C. Willison, CCAM

Community Supervisor
BHE Management Corporation


Those are the first things that come to mind when I think of Villa Park Landscape.I have worked with Villa Park for all 7 years of my property management career and they have never failed me. All of the associations that I maintain have very diverse plant material that requires hand pruning 98% of the time in order to maintain the manicured and textured appearance. Villa Park specializes in hand pruning and I have never been disappointed.

Villa Park Landscape is a family-oriented company and they make me feel like a part of the family. I feel I have a strong working relationship with not only my supervisors, but the office staff and the owner, Javier, as well. The crew members are incredibly hard workers; I am always so amazed and impressed when I watch them work during my property reviews. Whenever I’ve asked them to hand prune an item not previously hand pruned, in order to reduce size or simply change the shape of the plant, their patience and craftsmanship is just amazing to watch and the fruits of their labor are beautiful. I know that may sound silly to talk about some shrubs as being “beautiful”, but I have not seen any other landscape company reduce size and shape of a pyramid-shaped decorative ligustrum by hand and make it look like a brand new plant, like Villa Park does. It is a labor-intensive task.

I am very aware that the standards I require for my communities are incredibly high and labor intensive. The amount of work expected from Villa Park is obscene, and yet they do it. Plus, they do it quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively — and are always a pleasure to work with.

In short, I love them.


Sandy Huseby, PCAM, CCAM

Principal / COO
Crummack Huseby Property Management

I have known and worked with Javier Reyes and Villa Park Services for 27 years. Javier and his team are reliable and dependable, and take great care to ensure that they are meeting their clients’ expectations. As companies and communities grow with age, Villa Park has proven to work with the management company and the boards to ensure that they are working as a team to meet the goals of the growth and age of the communities. Javier Reyes is an owner with great integrity. He has a hands-on approach and is committed to ensuring that his clients’ needs are being met.


Cristina David, CCAM

Association Manager
Mar West Real Estate, Inc.

Villa Park’s reputation is one of elite status. The company cares about its communities as well as its staff, and conducting business with the staff is extremely enjoyable. I have come to expect superior service that comes with the reputation that Villa Park Landscape has and I have experienced it to be just that: superior.

A happy staff that completes requests on a timely basis is a huge benefit for me. I must be able to obtain information and have tasks completed for my clients as quickly as possible and I always have an easy time having that completed with Villa Park Landscape. Everyone has been extremely professional and extremely happy. I enjoy working with competent and happy people as it makes my job enjoyable in that aspect.


Karen Lockwood

Landscape Committee Member
Parkridge Community Association

It has been a pleasure working closely with you the past 3+ years. Your firm has the contract on our tract of 200 homes and the surrounding common grounds. We recently decided to undertake a massive six-figure renovation project, which encompassed some 16 different areas/projects. Each one of these required planning, color and plant selection, plant placement, and execution. Villa Park Landscape was there at every step of the process to keep us on schedule and within budget, and guide us to prevent costly errors.

To summarize, I appreciate the access to the talent we needed to get the job done. The guidance received was above and beyond what we could have expected and was always provided in a positive manger. The results were spectacular!